The First Person – Pierre Turgeon

The First Person – Pierre Turgeon



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In The First Person, an embittered computer programmer working for the police has decided to erase his identity. We do not know why. Leaving his old life behind, the man becomes a private detective in Los Angeles under a new, forged identity. He is hired to find a local gangster’s unfaithful wife, but after locating the woman, he falls in love with her. The pair plans to reunite after he returns her and collects his fee, but their plans are short-circuited by her husband, who punishes her cruelly for her betrayals. Devastated, the detective exacts his revenge. But soon, trapped by his own manipulations, he slowly falls into a mystic quest that redefines his self-image and world view. WINNER OF THE 1980, GOVERNOR-GENERAL’S AWARD FOR FRENCH LANGUAGE FICTION

About the Author

Pierre Turgeon is a journalist, historian, editor, novelist and book publisher. Based in Montreal, Canada, this author of 16 books was twice the winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award in Canada. He is the author of two novels on domestic terrorism and extreme right-wing ideology in Canada, as well as the publisher of numerous books on serial killers such as Charles Manson and Karla Homolka. Pierre also co-authored the non-fiction bestseller Canada: A People’s History (Volumes 1 & 2), companion books to a successful CBC TV series. With over 40 years of experience in the publishing business, Turgeon has worked as a journalist for Radio-Canada, the National Film Board and Actualité.


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