Julian Assange – WikiLeaks: Warrior for Truth – Valerie Guichaoua & Sophie Radermecker

Julian Assange – WikiLeaks: Warrior for Truth – Valerie Guichaoua & Sophie Radermecker



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December 7th, 2010: Julian Assange, an Australian citizen and Internet activist, is arrested in London, England. The story becomes a global media sensation. The man is held in custody, awaiting possible criminal charges for sexual offenses in Sweden. His organization WikiLeaks is an international new media non-profit group that publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and leaks. From shocking revelations surrounding the Obama and Bush administrations, to embarrassing top secret conversations between diplomats, Assange’s network of hackers and informants captures valuable information from all over the world. He regularly discloses evidence of mass deception and misinformation. Julian Assange is a controversial warrior for free speech and government transparency. He remains determined to continue his crusade for the truth using the Internet as his weapon.

Warrior for Truth carefully documents Assange’s life. It is a critical, yet balanced, unauthorized biography. This is the book that Julian Assange himself cannot write. Authors Sophie Radermecker and Valerie Guichaoua provide exclusive, never-before-revealed findings from an in-depth investigation of Julian Assange, of the WikiLeaks organization and of their highly controversial activities. New and intriguing revelations from inside sources close to Assange, including his family members in Australia, are presented. The serious legal allegations made against Julian Assange in Sweden are fully-examined in the process. This Internet activist’s perspective on how technology can be used to tame the power and secrecy of governments and of the global elite is explored in detail.

About the Author

Based in Los Angeles, Valerie Guichaoua is a writer first and foremost. She accidentally stumbled across journalism and immediately took a liking to it. Valerie has always loved stories, and her gift for writing helped her create novels, poems, and musicals. She studied physics and chemistry before becoming a dancer and choreographer. Through meticulous field research and interviews, Valerie has gained new and extensive details of Julian Assange’s life.

Los Angeles-based Sophie Radermecker has a lifelong passion for people and the links between them. Her writing career is based on her work as a professional journalist and interest in the art world. Sophie is dedicated to opening all doors into Julian Assange’s mysterious life.


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