Hitler’s Boat – Pierre Turgeon

Hitler’s Boat – Pierre Turgeon

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  • Pub. Date (U.S. & Canada): March 28, 2011
  • Number of pages: 192 Pages
  • ISBN (U.S. & Canada): 978-0-9812309-8-6
  • Format: Epub
  • Category: Historical Fiction
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  Berlin, 1940. Seduced by a German woman and beguiled by Hitler’s promise to guarantee the independence of Quebec, a Montreal journalist lends his voice to the Nazi propaganda machine. Forty years later, Christopher Chénier discovers he is the son of a singular man who saved the life of Winston Churchill and played a decisive role in the destiny of the Führer. Was his father a hero or a traitor? Who was the enigmatic Lizbeth, his mother? Perhaps the answers lie aboard the Helgoland, the boat intended to carry the Führer away from his enemies, now moored in the Baie des Chaleurs, off the east coast of Canada. Christopher Chénier undertakes a perilous journey in search of these dead people who gave him life. Here is an amazing tale of love that plays out against the backdrop of a larger drama. It is a wild and fascinating story, an unsettling read from beginning to end. “The novelty of Hitler’s Boat is twofold. The retrospectives at opposition in the story are German and Canadian, and these bring to life a fantasy of espionage rather than one of tragedy. The playful style serves as a counterpoint to the depth of the theme and gives its own originality to the novel.” -Gabrielle Pascal, literary critic at Le Devoir

About the Author

pierre_turgeon Pierre Turgeon is a journalist, historian, editor, novelist and book publisher. Based in Montreal, Canada, this author of 16 books has twice won the Governor General’s Literary Award in Canada for his novel The First Person and his book Radissonia: The James Bay Adventure. Pierre also co-authored the non-fiction bestseller Canada: A People’s History (Volumes 1 & 2), companion books to a successful CBC TV series. With over 30 years in the publishing business, Turgeon has worked as a journalist for Radio-Canada, the National Film Board and Actualité. In 2009, he founded and became President of Transit Publishing Inc. Pierre Turgeon’s previous books include: Canada: A People’s History (Volumes 1 & 2) Radissonia: The James Bay Adventure The First Person

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    The end of Hitler : Fiction closer to the truth than History?
    This novel is written in the tradition of the great spy novels. It reinvents History from authentic facts. It shows the strange relation between the narrator and Adolf Hitler, during the last weeks of the Führer, entombed in his bunker while the Russians armies are getting ever closer. The story teller has been broadcasting Nazi propaganda during the war, in exchange from a promise of Hitler to free his country from the British Empire. But is he that naive, or rather a double agent using his unique position of broadcaster to send information to the Allies? I read this novel in two days, as the suspense brought me to the astounding conclusion.- Kelsy Rezansoff

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